Warehouses and Industrial Refrigerator

A dust-free, thermally insulated storage area ensures optimum storage of your goods.

A dust-free, thermally insulated storage area with an eaves height of 7 meters ensures optimum storage of your goods. We additionally offer a service of transport orders and delivery featuring a modern and intelligent goods storage and logistics system, where all your goods are logistically recorded. Intermediate storage is also possible at any time. We’ll also be glad to carry out inventory management for you.

Warehouse And Inventory Management Systems

Warehousing Management Systems (WMS) and Inventory Management solutions are key for an efficient supply chain and smooth operation. Baku Diamond provides you the insights in your goods and stock on a continuous basis, in order to fulfill your customers’ requirements.

Mixing Packaging Labelling

We create an optimal environment for safe storage & transportation. We also go beyond this by ensuring the safety of products and the people working with these products. This would include safety equipment, protective gear, and training in safety and emergency protocols.

Filling and Bagging

Transporting and distributing your packed specialty chemical goods might also require additional services. Baku Diamond offers Value Added Logistics services that complement your total supply chain solution for this type of goods.

Parts Logistics

As a production company, you are interested in lowering your logistic costs per unit and increasing your flexibility. Benefit from the strategic advantage of one party managing your inventory, and eliminate risks associated with spare parts delivery.

Information on the warehouse and logistics center Baku Diamond

The modern logistics center in Loipersdorf meets all requirements regarding modern logistics:

  • Storage area: 6,000 m²
  • Storage height: 7 meters

Warehouse equipment : 3 forklift trucks

  • 5 electric lift trucks
  • Fire alarm system
  • Loading ramp for trucks (indoor and outdoor)

The warehouse is fully thermally insulated, dust-free and frost-proof

Customized Warehousing And Distribution

Do you want to reduce your logistics costs? We will provide you with a tailored solution. Every day, Baku Diamond carries out inbound & outbound distribution, import and export activities, packaging, labeling, and assembling, plus other support activities such as customs brokerage.