Enlargement of Pallet

According to the request of clients, we offer enlargement of pallets.

We are ready to help in any other trade-related matters and customize our services as far as the client would like to. With our fleet of over 20 vehicles, we strive to meet our customer’s unique needs. Whether it is a pick-up of pallets to be recycled or delivery of new pallets, our staff has the equipment to meet your requirements.


New pallets from RB Pallet Service are designed and manufactured to the product standards of the National Wooden Pallet & Container Association (NWPCA), assuring quality and customer satisfaction.


Consider a pallet manufactured with new and recycled lumber. Designed using the Pallet Design System (PDS), We utilize recycled parts, keeping costs down while maintaining high-quality standards.


Our Pallet Service recycled pallets are thoroughly inspected and repaired as needed to meet customer specifications.


Our wooden packing crates are ideal for the protection and packaging of loads. Our solid panel crates are built to your specifications. Wooden crates and their shipping platforms can be custom-made to fit any application.

Industry Compliant & Alternative Pallets

In addition to custom-designed pallets, we also offer custom painting, branding, and stenciling.

We maintain current specifications and the certifications necessary to meet the requirements for industry-compliant pallets.

  • GMA Pallets – For the grocery industry, we supply Grocery Manufacturers Association whitewood pallets (GMA pallets).
  • Costco Pallets – We can supply pallets to meet the current Costco block pallet specifications; we also manufacture block pallets for leading pallet pooling companies.
  • CP Pallets – For the chemical industry, we are certified to build chemical pallets (CP pallets) and maintain a database of the specifications required.
  • Government Pallets – We have current specifications by NSN or ASME part number for all approved government pallets, and we are cage code ready for prime contractors.
  • SPEQ Pallets – Custom designed for specific applications using the Pallet Design System© (PDS) software, these high-quality pallets are great for closed-loop and automated systems because they are inspected by a certified third party to guarantee they’re built to specification and perform properly.
  • Alternative Pallets – Contact us for more information on alternatives to traditional wood pallets such as plastic pallets and composite pallets.

We have Pallets for Sale Near You

Contact us to discuss pallet management services. Our on-site pallet management program boosts efficiency and helps lower the costs associated with pallet handling. We provide ongoing communication for a program that helps reduce hassles and cut costs.