Baku Diamond Co is a member of the Diamond Investment Group which is investing in the best business opportunities.
We have the professional teams, which are expert in handling custom’s procedures in various countries.
Fruits & Vegetables-Ready Meals-Soft Beverage-Alcohol Beverage-Coffee & Tea-Confectionery-Hygienic & Cleaning-Cosmetics

Baku Diamond

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Founder’s Message

We have a strong belief that business always requires the same ingredients for success: a winning combination of talent and personalities, full commitment, and the right management.

Diamond Investment Group is based on these principles. Our goal is to realize entrepreneurial ideas, dreams, and ambitions with the potential for long-term growth. We support entrepreneurs not only with capital, but also with business acumen, networks, and the extensive experience of a unique team of people and companies to realize those dreams. This is what we call private equity with emotion.

Entrepreneurship is above all an ever-learning curve, and in my journey as an entrepreneur, we have been lucky to learn a lot from fellow team members, advisors, and customers alike.

Along the bumpy road of learning and growing the business, one of the key things I realized is that the best business model is, first and foremost, when you put your heart and soul into your work. Second, know when the time comes to let your trusted experts do their jobs.

Diamond Investment Group is well-positioned for further growth and is interested in getting to know entrepreneurs who share our ideas and business philosophy to explore mutual opportunities. We look forward to meeting you.

Dr Mohseni

Founder and Chairman


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Baku Diamond

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We have professional teams, which are experts in handling customs procedures in various countries.

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